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Do you need a fun, engaging and intelligent speaker or coach for your next event? Then book Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi today! Teaching people how to manage personal and business finances is my passion, so it comes naturally and easily. I use personal stories and lessons learned from my life and clients to help my audience understand important money management concepts.

Here is what some attendees had to say after attending previous sessions:

“The talk you gave at that library in DC was just what I needed when I began my MK journey. I was frightened, I was terrified, and there were nay sayers, but by the grace of the Almighty, here I am debuted as a Sales Director just after working HARD and SMART in 5 months. That is something fellow directors achieve only after being in the business 10, 20, and even 30 years. I mastered the business plan and ran with it. I say all that to say THANK YOU for helping me start my business on a good footing. I still have your book on my bedside.” – Fauziyyah A..

“Dearest Tope, Class yesterday was excellent as usual. You are such a natural at teaching. Your examples and analogies always hit the right spot. I have enjoyed all your presentations and I am always in awe of the way you deliver the message. We are so fortunate to have you as a part of our family at EWI. More than anything our women need is for someone who can explain concepts to them at a very basic level and you do that so beautifully. It’s really your God given talent. I wish you much success and thank you from the bottom of my heart. See you soon. – Lots of love and hugs.” – Sharmila K, EWI USA

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent presentation at YASR 2013 in Atlanta last week. I had heard highly positive feedback from attendees of Platform 2012 about your talk, and was looking forward to YASR. I’m glad I attended your session. I like the way you made otherwise complex financial scenarios become really simple. Your very diverse examples and personal stories truly reflect a person who has been working with a wide variety of people. You were able to connect with the participants and had very convincing answers that were just right on target. You are truly a gem! Thanks again and best wishes.”– M. Bello, PhD

Tope’s Financial Seminar for women got me dreaming big dreams for my business. Now I am working on turning those dreams to reality. I highly recommend it!” –F. Alimi-Aladejana, CEO, Nigeria

Thanks for bringing Miss Tope Fajingbesi to change my financial life style. I was just taking a look at my budget, and I just kept smiling. Tracking my expenses has helped control my spending and I was able to achieve my budget, even exceeding expectations. Above all my husband is loving it” – Shonoiki S.

The Financial Seminar delivered by Tope Fajingbesi was absolutely motivating! Since the seminar, I have tracked my every single kobo and know exactly where my money is going. This awareness has in turn made me more financially responsible as my spending habit is now driven by absolute need as opposed to erstwhile by my whims and caprices and sadly those of others. The seminar has also put my business finance on a more healthy platform. I may not be there yet but with every single move, absolutely, so sure on the way!”– Yinka O.

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