Are You Ready For Big Business in 2016?

I had a very emotional conversation with a dear friend of mine this morning, the conversation was about a once thriving consumer goods business he owned that not only went down in the flames of huge debts, but took a lot of him with it. In fact, after analyzing the entire conversation, I thought to myself: “It’s a miracle this man didn’t die.” As an auditor/accountant who has done a lot of financial control and fraud investigation work over the years, I was literarily drawing process flow charts in my head to identify problem areas as he spoke about various aspects of the business. The problem was clearly not revenue generation or market share; he had all that in the bag, it was hardly access to working capital or distribution network as well. It was simply the fact that while he paid attention to growing his business with all he had in him, he, like many business owners didn’t implement proactive financial controls and/or know how to interpret financial reports that could have told him there was fire on the mountain. He didn’t know how to catch and dispose of the rats who lurk around the businesses of hardworking business owners like him.

As we count down to the year 2016, it is important that you just don’t sleep and wake up marking your calendar, you have to make the intention and put plans in motion right now to ensure that you and your business have an agenda of growth and progress in 2016 and beyond. If you want to play bigger than you are playing right now, and want to take down the big sign at your door, which tell preys that you are open for them to come and loot your sweat, then take action now to attend one of Our Financial Coach’s Financial Management classes in Lagos and Abuja today. Each class size is limited 20 students because this is more than a training class, it is the beginning of a mastermind group for business owners who want to really understand and take control of their business financial future. The relationship will start in January, but we will continue to meet and provide business support to grow your business till December 2016. You will learn with your colleagues during our live classes/webinars/telephone conferences, work on real business issues with your business buddy class, and have access to one-on-one support.

So the question is, are you ready to see real, specific and measurable progress in your business in 2016? Then come for a trial run on January 7th in Lagos or Abuja on January 15th. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied after this first class.


Published by Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi

I am a CPA and an International Chartered Accountant with 15 years accounting and financial management experience from big 4 accounting, fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations within the United States of America and Africa. I am also a writer and love to help others live the best financial life possible.

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