Color Yellow

Yellow FlowerDear Yellow Flower, money is the symbol of life, happiness and enjoyment for you. Its like sunshine that brightens up a room; when you think about money, you think about the fine things it can help you get today. You think money can solve almost all problems, and you even see it as relationship smoother. You may not necessarily be in debt, but lack of money doesn’t stop you from eyeing the good things of life, instead you may work extra shifts to be able to afford the object of your fancy. You may have a budget but will alter your plans if something cool catches your fancy. You love the good things of life and believe that if you work hard you should be able to ‘play’ hard too. Although, you may not necessarily take loans to buy your ‘fixes’, You can clear your savings or put off investing in income generating assets to buy a new luxury car, designer shoes, expensive apparel etc. You live for today.

Perhaps you should take some of that passion and apply it into saving and investing. Once you consider saving and investment fun and a guarantee of the luxuries you enjoy today in the future, then you will be more inclined towards these. You must however be careful when investing, don’t rely on your whims and desires when making investment decisions otherwise you may get carried away by ‘flashy’ investments that may not pay off. Seek advice from trusted companions and experts. Try getting more organized with your financials by building a budget, ensure you spend less than you earn so that you don’t pile up debts. Of course you may still continue to have some of the fine things of life, just plan ahead.

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