Color Grey

Grey gooseDear Grey Goose, when you think about money, among the things that come to your mind are the evil and stress associated with it. You desire basic comfort and are not easily swayed by the ‘vanities’ of life. You have good values, which may include humility and politeness and don’t want these to be compromised by money. If you are religious, you see too much money as an easy road to hell, so you stay away from chasing big riches as much as you can. You are content with having just enough money to survive because anything more than that may corrupt you. You are unlikely to consider investing any windfalls that come your way for fear of getting wealthier and ‘out of control’, so you would rather keep a little for you and loved ones and give extras to charitable causes.

Come on Grey! Do you know that today’s world needs investors like you? Ethical business people who invest ‘patient capital’ in social causes that can grow economies, create jobs and provide essential benefits for people are rare these days, and that is an opportunity for you. You are potentially a good person to do business with because you will deal fairly with your counter parties. You should consider the good you can do for yourself and the world by investing in businesses that align with your values.

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