Get “BIGA Business” in 2014

Do you plan to start a small business in 2014?
Are you a small business owner ready to take your business to a higher level in 2014?
Do you manage a non-profit that needs a financial upgrade?

If you are ready to manage your organization’s finances for bigger success in 2014 and beyond, Our Financial Coach has the perfect program for you! Following the success of my book – “What Color is Your Money?” I am launching a series of online and live sessions to help micro and small business owners understand and improve business performance through the concept I call BIGA (Budgeting, Internal controls, Great financial records and Analysis).

Classes will hold once a week for an hour each. They will be fun and hands-on (Trust me, Accounting can be fun)! The 2014 session will run in 3 separate parts from March to December. At the end of the program, committed participants will be equipped to grow their business, keep financial records easily and use financial statements to make smarter business decisions.

The first part of this course will run from March 5 to May 28th. Classes will hold on Wednesdays at 9 PM Nigerian time for Nigerian students and 9 PM US ET for US students). We will have a mid-term break/project on April 16th. Part 1 Course Topics will include:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Business Finance Basics
  3. Keeping your eye on the “king” (Cash)
  4. Determining Break Even and Profitability levels for your business
  5. Budgeting
  6. Profit & Loss Demystified (What do the numbers mean?)
  7. Investigating and Understanding Variances (Why didn’t I make as much as planned? Why am I spending so much on XYZ? Do I really need ABC?)
Class format will be very hands on, you will learn concepts and be required to show your understanding using your actual business numbers.
Course Fees are: $100 Per month (US Students), and N25,000 Per month (Nigerian Students). There are referral and other discounts of up to 40% off these fees!
Are you ready for “BIGA” business? Then sign up below!


Published by Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi

I am a CPA and an International Chartered Accountant with 15 years accounting and financial management experience from big 4 accounting, fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations within the United States of America and Africa. I am also a writer and love to help others live the best financial life possible.

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