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Welcome to www.ourfinancialcoach.com, your personal guide to understanding, establishing and implementing smart and sustainable financial goals.  

The recent lingering global financial crisis and recession has left many unemployed, in debt and generally financially distressed. Many employees  and enterpreneurs now face tough financial decisions and uncertainty. The challenges of meeting regular financial obligations, paying for children’s education, health care and planning for retirement is daunting to more people in this generation than ever before. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult and expensive to obtain timely and unbiased financial education that is easy to understand, can help restore normalcy to financial lives and/or help people who have fallen rebuild their lives. 

www.ourfinancialcoach.com was therefore created to provide an easy source of guidance for young graduates, new and veteran employees, small business owners and retirees to understand issues that surround key decisions that can lead to stress free financial lives in the short and long-term. Our primary goal is to educate our audience about key financial issues surrounding income generation, expense reduction techniques, budgeting and planning, employment benefits, debt, saving, investing, financial behavior and retirement.

Our coach is Ganiyah Tope Fajingbesi, an international chartered accountant  and a certified public accountant based in Washington DC. Ganiyah has 15 years accounting and financial management experience from big four accounting firms, fortune 500 corporations, labor unions and nonprofit organizations in the USA and Africa. She also holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration from the Goizueta Business School in Emory University in Atlanta, USA (2003). She is very passionate about educating people on how to live their best financial life.


Published by Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi

I am a CPA and an International Chartered Accountant with 15 years accounting and financial management experience from big 4 accounting, fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations within the United States of America and Africa. I am also a writer and love to help others live the best financial life possible.

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