Upcoming Programs

Financial Management Workshop for PROACTIVE Business Owners in Nigeria

Our Financial Coach is proud to present a hands-on financial management workshop for owners of small/medium private companies and unincorporated businesses in Nigeria. If your goals for 2016 include growing your business venture, you absolutely have to mark your calendar for this event.

Free Event: Is Your Organization Ready For Year End?

The clock is ticking, 2015 is on its way out and 2016 is upon us! But how financially ready is your non-profit organization for 2015 to end? What are some of the quick and simple steps you can take to ensure your finances are secure before the year ends? What should you do to jump start 2016 on a bigger note for your organization? What must you do to ensure you are in good standing with the IRS, your board and other stakeholders? How can you plug existing holes in your organization’s financial system?


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